Public event

December 15, 2009

come and listen to the concluding episode live from Makan, 16th September 2009.


and the story continues…

December 9, 2009

with episodes two and three, encounters and familiar voices, and floods.
go left, then right, then straight on…

daydreaming usually takes place between 4 and 5 PM.

a musical interlude

December 4, 2009

Farid Al Atrash – يا زهرة في خيالي

What is happening now

November 30, 2009

recycling soundscapes / rebuilding memories / inventing memories / reusing time / reusing moments / creating moments / projecting timelines / intervention / introspection / an exercise in thought process / continuing sentences / framing scenes / reliving dreams / sound dreams / subconscious to conscious / conscious to analog / analog to digital / digital to analog / documenting oneself /

part x

actor: a woman

the woman is hanging her laundry on the roof
she’s humming a tune

part x

actor: a woman

the woman is in her apartment, it is long in shape
she’s fixing something up in the kitchenette
she walks across the living space, through the hanging white linen and into the small balcony
she sits there, lifting her legs on the railing, looking into the valley
a soft breeze is in the air

A Theatrical Play, in Parts

November 30, 2009

part x

a door opens
a sound of woman’s intense panting is heard

part x

actor: a woman


the sound of the tomato seller is heard
‘I want some tomatoes’
the woman buys 3 tomatoes
‘I want to have my tomatoes by the river’
the woman takes the steps down the hill and lies by the river bed to eat
she watches

Sounds of Coincidence

November 30, 2009

Our capacity for interruption

November 25, 2009

of (or maybe) a train of thought

Rewind, Rewind, Play

November 12, 2009

A time-line, perhaps
Each narrating on their own, regardless of the other